Our Profile

Obeledu Microfinance Bank Limited was licensed by CBN in year 2000. The bank initially took off with authorized share capital of 1 million ordinary shares at ₦1 per share were paid up.

Our objectives includes;

  • To inculcate disciplined banking habits in the rural population.
  • To inspire in the communities the spirit of ownership and maintenance of facilities and organisation.
  • Generate credit from within the communities for enhancing the development of productive activities and the purposeful improvement of the economic states of the communities and their individual members.
  • Provide bridge loans during off-seasons as a means of breaking the dependency on and the hold of, local money-lenders on the vast majority of rural dwellers.
  • Formalize the use of communities as effective vehicles of rural change and national development.
  • Generally promote rural activities such as agriculture, commerce, arts and crafts, agro and mineral based cottage and small scale industries, vocational and trade skills, rural transportation and other rural economic activities particularly in support of small farmers, micro entrepreneurs, women, youths and co-operatives.

Our Location

Obeledu Microfinance Bank Limited is headquartered in a magnificent modern storey office building known as JEMKO HOUSE along Obeledu - Igboukwu Road, Obeledu. The building was built in a conducive environment paramount for convenient and modern banking business.

The location has offered us a strategic advantage to serve Obeledu as well as other neighbouring communities of Neni, Awkaeze, Aguluzoigbo, Adazi Nnukwu, Agulu, Oraeri, etc